Distance Consultations and Treatment

Getting world class Qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine Consultations and distance healing work is possible with Dr. Cibik.  Dr. Cibik has consulted with people with difficult conditions from all over the world – with technology it is much easier and convenient.

Various assessment techniques can be used with videoconferencing quite well. Complexion, eyes, tongue, Range Of Motion all can be done via the internet – even Wei Qi (energetic field) analysis. Medical QiGong exercise / treatment can be taught as well as personalized exercise routines and nutritional consultation plus supplement/drug interactions all can be discussed.  Blood work, nutritional analysis or other lab tests can be scanned in and sent via private email to Dr. Cibik as he video conferences with you. X-rays and other tests often times are provided to the client on DVD which can be uploaded or mailed as well. All this information is reviewed with you in the comfort of your own home.


Step One:

Call or email to set up your initial evaluation. This first session is 2 hours in length.

Step Two:

Complete all the pre-appointment forms and return via email or mail to our office. IF there are other test results or information needed for the session, please also email and snail mail these to us in plenty of time for the appointment.

Step Three:

We can use ZOOM, Skype or Google Hangouts for your appointment. Please let us know which video conference system you would like to use, and your user name or connection information 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Step Four:

Appointment Pre-payment hold your time slot and our mutual commitment to the session. You can mail us a check for the discounted appointment fee of $250, or you can pay via credit card for the full $275. Create card payment is handle through paypal here

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