Sports Medicine and Medical/Clinical Qigong

Advanced Training Weekend Retreat

June 30 – July 1, 2018

Dr. Ted Cibik is offering an exclusive weekend for Energy medicine practitioners. One of his lifelong passions is fitness, strength training, and nutrition, and martial arts. The needs of the athlete for healing and recovery is different than those suffering from chronic disease or illness. This weekend intensive for energy workers will explain energetic implications of gaining strength, aging, nutrition (and its timing) and weight gain or weight loss. This is an entirely new approach to looking at these controversial, debated issues.
Most programs explain strength from western perspectives, but never really address 8 extra, Luo and 12 primary in the sports medicine model. This approach will allow you to work with athletes and improve their performance and personal records. A valuable asset to your practice and for personal knowledge.
We will also explore how treating sports injuries is very different than treating disease. We will cover some very interesting principles of treating athletic injuries. These acute injury techniques can be applied to a variety of clientele.
Program for those already holding an MMQ or above certification or are Acupuncturists.

Tuition: $395

Saturday and Sunday

Class from 9 am – 5pm


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