Kat Litz, Doctor of Medical Qigong


Kat LItz




Kat is a Doctor of Medical Qigong and a gifted Master’s Level Mental Health Therapist practicing in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Kat is also a Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment® Feng Shui  and Space Clearing and a Certified Soul Coaching® Practitioner. She is a graduate of the Formless Taoism study program, giving her insight and tools for work with clients in a holistic body, mind and spirit approach.

Providing a comprehensive approach to personal healing, Kat bridges evidence-based therapies with the precision of Classical Chinese Medicine.  Continually expanding her education and understanding of the deeper spiritual practices, Kat works tirelessly to provide innovative and effective treatment for her clients.

Driven by a passion for helping people, Kat understands the strength required to face a challenge.  Overcoming her own injury, she knows firsthand the value of the modalities she works with. Kat has a fondness for animals and being in nature. She uses movement, whether it is running, martial arts or dance as a way to live fully body, mind and spirit. As an artist, Kat creates commissioned pieces with both intention energy and feng shui symbolism for client homes and work spaces.