Cancer, Bloodwork and Medical/Clinical Qigong

Advanced Training Weekend Retreat

Jan 5-6, 2019

Qigong and Cancer and Bloodwork interpretation: January 5-6, 2019

Dr. Ted Cibik is offering an exclusive weekend for Energy medicine practitioners. By addressing the specific needs of  cancer patients and their unique digestive disorders, we can prevent many of the associated complications. Many of these same techniques can be applied to many auto immune disorder patients.

This weekend intensive for energy workers will explain energetic implications and support needed for those undergoing chemo, radiation, surgery, and the various side effects. This approach will allow you to work in conjunction with those working with both eastern and western medicine.

This weekend will also include the interpreting of specific Western Blood work from an energetic perspective. Even if blood is in the “normal” ranges, when combined with the energetic understanding, it can lead to preventative as well as finding the root cause of the pathogen – vastly important in cancer recovery.

Reading blood work in this fashion has allowed me to be able to rebalance the Microbiome much more efficiently thereby restabilizing the blood / bone Immunity balance.

For the Advanced Medical Qigong Practitioner ( MMQ or above) or acupuncturists.

Preregister early to reserve your space, and your room at CHI House if traveling from outside the area.
Tuition: $395

Tuition: $395

Saturday and Sunday

Class from 9 am – 5pm


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