A Weekend Retreat Program for Anti-aging

 If you could learn how to do daily self-care that would work like an anti-aging pill, would you do it?

Did you know that research this year has shown that lifting weights (specifically strength training)  in just 6 months can protect the brain areas especially vulnerable to Alzheimer’s Disease for up to one year after stopping the program!  What if you were to keep up that kind of training – what would happen then?  A quote from Dr. Michael Valenzuela from the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Center sums it up this way,” This is the first time any intervention, medical or lifestyle has been able to slow and even halt degeneration in brain areas particularly vulnerable  to Alzheimer’s Disease over such a long time”.

Qi Strong 90 day Challenge is a program working with your mind and body to shift your physical body into a state of rejuvenation. Learn important information not found anywhere else in a complete package for living optimally as you age. Have a personalized program created for you by Dr. Ted Cibik and monitored over the 90 day program.

Ancient wisdom meets modern sport medicine science in this lecture, practicum, and participation in reclaiming your vitality and health. Research from around the globe in sports medicine meets 5,ooo years of ancient Chinese  wisdom on becoming the immortal.

You will learn how to prevent injuries and disease, regain your physical and mental strength and reverse the clock on aging! Yes, you can change your physique in 3 months!


Your instructor and personal coach is  Dr. Ted Cibik who began his career as a private personal trainer, and health coach. He went on to become a Naturopathic Doctor then a Doctor of Medical Qigong/Chinese Medicine. He has been teaching and running an active QiGong healing clinic since 1999, He is also the Professional Track trainer for the National QiGong Association(NQA), and chairman of the Certification Committee for the NQA. His passion is in healing people live their best quality life.


QI Strong is a unique combination of using Qi and exercise science in one bone building, immune system enhancement and cancer prevention strategy. This 90-day program will combine lecture, theory and then application in the gym allowing each person to find their own pace and level of conditioning and strength.

This program begins the weekend of June 20-21, 2020 at Inner Strength Health and Wellness Center, in Leechburg PA. Spend Saturday and Sunday in a workshop with lecture and understanding the science and ancient secrets behind this process. Learn  proper exercise techniques for your body. Spend time in this self-care practice. You will develop a plan each month of how to incorporate what you have learned into your daily routine. The next in person sessions are July 18-19 and Aug 15-16, 2020.

In between the monthly session, bi-weekly teleconference calls with Dr. Cibik will keep your inspired and committed. There will also be a private Facebook group for anyone who wants to connect with Dr. Cibik with report in and questions between sessions.

This is a LIMITED ENROLLMENT program, in order to provide personalized attention to each participant.



June 20-21, 2020

July 18-19, 2020

August  15-16, 2020





Onsite personal coaching and training

Monthly teleconference calls

Facebook private group for daily connection and encouragement

Is aging gracefully, and feeling stronger and better than ever before

Worth $10 a day?

Are you willing to make an investment in yourself? With this training, you can use this information for the rest of your life to get stronger,  and prevent the ravages or everything from Alzheimers to osteoporosis.

This anti aging program is $999 for 90 days of motivation, secret tips, and success! What else are you spending money on that is not working to make your life better?  Could it be that a bad habit you have now, is costing you money and your health?

Reserve your space in this program for $350, and then just make two more payments before the program ends in July.

Do this for yourself and your loved ones

It is not inevitable that when you get older you have to get weaker.

There is no magic pill or fountain of youth. But there are secrets to getting the most out of your life using movement and choosing the right things to eat.

Are you wasting time and money and energy doing the wrong things?



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