Payment for Sessions

For those patients paying with cash or check, we offer a discounted price based on the type of treatment. You can bring your cash or check along at the time of an in person treatment, or mail this to use for distance sessions ahead of time.

However, we understand this is not an option for everyone, and so we also offer payment via PayPal, for those within to use any type of credit or debit card, or checking account.

When booking your session, the receptionist will confirm to your your credit card payment amount. Please choose the correct button here to pre-pay your session. We request that all credit card sessions are paid in advanced of the treatment, as clerical staff are not always on duty at the time of treatment.

New Evaluation Treatment: $275


Classical Chinese Medicine Treatment / Consultation session: $145

Medical Qigong & Counselling Session : $175

Miscellaneous (can be used when additional time has been added to a treatment or when purchasing additional item)

Please use this only when instructed by the receptionist as a form of payment for your sessions. $125