“Birds and Spirituality”

Wisdom Weekly Class with Dr Ted Cibik

LIVE CLASSES on WEDNESDAYS 7-8pm              July 12, 19, 26 and Aug 2 2023

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Birds have been significant and symbolic creatures in numerous spiritual traditions throughout history and across cultures. They are often associated with qualities such as freedom, wisdom, spirituality, and transcendence.

Birds are known for their ability to fly, soaring high above the ground. This natural behavior has often been associated with the idea of transcendence, elevation, and reaching higher realms of existence. The act of flight is sometimes seen as a metaphor for the soul’s journey or the process of spiritual awakening.

Birds have been used as symbols in many spiritual contexts. For example, the dove is a common symbol of peace and is often associated with the Holy Spirit in Christianity. In various mythologies, birds like the eagle or phoenix represent power, vision, and rebirth.

If you love birds, as I do, join me in discussing all things spiritually connected with birds and how using bird energies you can ascend you to higher spiritual dimensions.


Enroll now in “Birds and Spirituality” and unlock the ancient wisdom that lies within the avian realm. Embrace the untapped potential of spiritual cultivation and embark on a transformative journey towards deeper connection, enlightenment, and self-discovery.

Limited spots available. Secure your place today and embark on a remarkable spiritual odyssey like no other.

4 week program for $50


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Weekly Class with Dr. Ted Cibik

A Program for a deeper study of Qigong for Self Heath and Cultivation

This is your opportunity to study Qigong  with Dr. Ted Cibik, a Doctor of Medical Qigong and one of the few in North America with a active qigong healing clinic for over 20 years. He brings his expertise in teaching qigong for self health, working with clients and patients with serious and chronic conditions and certifying new Qigong Doctors.

These online classes teach a blend of scientific information, meditations and actions to allow you to activate this healing potential from your own home. Live class students have the opportunity to ask questions and techniques are practiced during the class time. Live classes are held Wednesday Evenings from 7-8pm ET. Classes are held on a ZOOM platform. You can use your smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC to attend live. You can purchase anytime during a LIVE session, and have access to all classes.

You may purchase any of the classes on this page and have those videos to watch over and over.

There is a Facebook private of Weekly Lecture students to connect with other students. Dr Cibik is active in that group to answer questions and support your learning.


Your instructor and personal coach is  Dr. Ted Cibik who began his career as a private personal trainer and health coach. He went on to become a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor then a Doctor of Medical Qigong/Chinese Medicine. He has been teaching and running an active QiGong healing clinic since 1999. He was the Professional Track trainer for the National QiGong Association(NQA), and former chairman of the Certification Committee for the NQA. He has lectured internationally on healing, health, Chinese medicine and personal self defense. He has been a professional speaker for over 30 years, and has spoken at well over 100 conferences.

His passion is in helping people live their best quality life.


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Classes have different tuition based the pricing of the information advanced concepts or the extended length of the program.

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“Sacred Botanicals: Unlocking the Spiritual Power of Plants”

Introducing “Sacred Botanicals: Unlocking the Spiritual Power of Plants”

Unlock the hidden wisdom of ancient cultures and embark on a transformative journey into the sacred realm of plants. Join us for an exclusive course that explores the spiritual uses of plants throughout history, delving into lesser-known but equally powerful stimulators of the mind.

Discover the Secrets of Spiritual Enhancement:

🌿 Expand Your Spiritual State: Learn how to use specific plants to elevate your spiritual consciousness beyond the realm of ordinary experiences. Delve into the fascinating world of plant communication on the spirit (Shen) level and discover the profound benefits it can bring to your spiritual development.

🌿 The Trinity of Spiritual Plants: Uncover a trinity of remarkable plants that thrive with minimal sunlight, water, and soil. These extraordinary botanicals have long been revered for their spiritual properties and will guide you towards deeper spiritual connections and insights.

🌿 Ancient European Traditions: Journey into the practices of the Germanic tribes and the Slavic Nation as we explore their sacred uses of plants. Gain valuable insights into their rituals, beliefs, and the significance of flora in their spiritual lives.

🌿 Transcendence Through Florals: Discover the profound language of flowers and how they have been used throughout history to convey messages and enhance transcendental experiences. Unveil the mystical symbolism of floral arrangements and their powerful impact on spiritual journeys.

🌿 Magic and Rituals: Immerse yourself in the world of magical plants and rituals as we explore their fascinating role in spiritual practices. Gain practical knowledge on harnessing the energies of specific plants for rituals and discover their transformative effects on your spiritual well-being. Note: We will not be covering Ayahuasca, Peyote or cannabis as there are many classes, books and lectures on that information already.

🌿 Smudging and Incense: Learn the art of spiritual space clearing through the ancient practices of smudging and incense. Master the techniques of purifying your surroundings, objects, and yourself to create a sacred atmosphere that nurtures your spiritual growth.

Enroll now in “Sacred Botanicals: Unlocking the Spiritual Power of Plants” and unlock the ancient wisdom that lies within the botanical realm. Embrace the untapped potential of spiritual cultivation and embark on a transformative journey towards deeper connection, enlightenment, and self-discovery.

Limited spots available. Secure your place today and embark on a remarkable spiritual odyssey like no other. Tuition $50

Spring Detox plus Detox from Covid Exposure

This 4-part class will teach you all the steps necessary to do a safe detox of the organ systems plus lymph and cleaning up the blood from viral / bacterial load.

Not everyone can detox the same way nor should they.

This course will inform you of how to determine what order you should detox in and what should be focused on for your chemistry type.

A list of questions will be provided to determine what detox protocol you should follow.

Once you have determined your proper detox protocol, methods of detox will be discussed along with what can assist in detox and more importantly what not to do. An improper detox can cause toxic load to be released sometimes faster than the body can naturally eliminate the toxic load. It is all about tolerances and knowing what yours are and where to start.

Various herbs, essential oils as well as the benefits of saunas, will be discussed to assist in your detox safely.

I will be also teaching a Qigong exercise to assist in detox.

4 hours of program for $60

 Tree Qigong

As nature lovers, we all have a special connection with trees, and ancient Taoists believed they are the most advanced spiritual beings, converting negative energy into something positive.

Did you know that even just 3-5 minutes spent looking at nature can reduce anger, anxiety, and pain? Studies have shown that the presence of trees in urban areas can improve mental health by reducing stress levels and symptoms of depression. Green environments are also strongly linked to better moods and increased life satisfaction.

In this class, you’ll learn about the subtle energies of different tree types and how they can be used to heal from trauma and disease. Discover which trees are best to surround your home with for optimal healing, and learn techniques and suggestions for setting up your own energetic tree practice.

Join us and deepen your connection with nature through the powerful energy of trees. Let’s discover the amazing healing potential of the natural world together! 4 hours of program for $50 

4 hour program for only $45


We all need this attribute whether we realize it or not!

I have a theory that when we lose our creativity  – we begin to decline and age both mentally and physically. All of Nature is in constant creation and so should you be.

Why do you need to work on creativity?

Here’s a checkup for your creativity quotient:

  • Are you stuck in a routine that does not support you mentally or physically?
  • Are you bored, tired, no drive or ambition?
  • Are you experiencing no motivation to exercise or even cook a healthy meal for yourself?

Some other ways you might notice that your creative juices have dried up:

  • You’re stuck… either in writing a book or blog
  • Life does seem exciting for you anymore
  • You are stuck in deciding what career you want next
  • Your brain is empty on ideas for your next YouTube content
  • You feel that life is passing you by and you have not fulfilled all you need to do
  • You’re trying to create a brand for your business and do not like anything you have come up with so far

In this very special course,  I will be focusing on many many ways you can jumpstart your creativity. While I may address some Chinese medicine and qigong activities, this program will include many practices and ideas outside the realm of qigong.

We will discuss scientific studies and what they have shown as well as many things I have used myself to keep motivated after 40 years in business. Plus, applications on how to apply this creative juice to your own personal goals in life and in health.

Stones and Qigong

Stone medicine historically uses the rocks and minerals naturally created by the Earth for healing purposes as well obtaining enlightenment.

As many supplements and herbs are at risk for being regulated or hard to find, Stone Medicine remains a viable choice for healing and transforming.

You will learn: 

  • How the Law of signatures affects the properties or qualities of the stones. For example, how a stone is formed either by volcanism or erosion can affect its signature.
  • The Yin and Yang aspects of Stones
  • Crystal structure and sacred geometry
  • Stone affinities
  • How to use Stones based in Chinese Medicine for healing including specific accupoints and combinations
  • Defensive Wei Qi Stones
  • Topical applications and internal applications
  • The three stages of alchemical transformation
  • Stones (that are safe, unlike cinnabar) and their applications for Spiritual Awakening including meditations

6 week program for only $149

The Tao Te Ching and Enlightenment

This series departs from out typical themes and moves into the foundational book of all Taoism, Chinese medicine and Philosophy – the Tao Te Ching. We will discuss and approach the book, taking some key chapters and discus them accordingly using the philosophy of Formless Taoism.

As you might know, Formless Taoism is based in Classical Chinese Medicine, specifically the Zhou Dynasty with a modern pragmatic approach to life. Using this classical book as a compass, we will delve into key aspects of enlightenment, kindness and compassion with specific meditations focusing on the alchemy of transformation.

Tuition: $75 for all 4 sessions

Also available for purchase are

Formless Taoism lectures

Books and Videos


End of Life Care

If there can be one truth – it would be that we all die. No one has escaped yet to my knowledge.  The fact that we are all faced with this and will witness this many times in our lifetime, but absolutely have no formal training and preparation for it still astounds me.

This 4 part class will discuss from a spiritual perspective, caring for the dying, calming the Shen (spirit) and preparing for the transition:  for the  person transitioning and for those who bear witness to this  miraculous event.

Tuition: $75 for all 4 sessions

Accupoints and QiGong to Lower Blood Pressure

Nearly half of adults in the United States (108 million, or 45%) have hypertension defined as a systolic blood pressure ≥ 130 mm Hg or a diastolic blood pressure ≥ 80 mm Hg or are taking medication for hypertension. Only about 1 in 4 adults (24%) with hypertension have their condition under control.This 4-week series  will teach you accupoints that you can use at home to help lower BP. There can be many underlying causes of high BP in Chinese Medicine and we will discuss quite a few unique approaches to managing the this overwhelming disease.

Tuition: $40 for 4 sessions

Immune System Health

in this series,  we will be chatting about and practicing for Immune health. The first session will discuss the new NOVA vaccine and if it is what they are touting it to be. Also, we will be discussing variants of COVID 19 and what practices you should be putting forth now before the Flu season starts in a couple of months.

The remaining 3 weeks, we will be discussing post-natal Qi building for immune health. Foods that you should be consuming now, and what you should be consuming in the Fall months in prep for Flu season.

Tuition: $40 for 4 sessions

Recorded Aug 4- Aug 25, 2021

QiGong for Deeper Restorative Sleep and Dealing with Insomnia

This 4-week QiGong series will focus on something that I see in my clinic all too often – Sleep deprivation and insomnia.

Nothing can ruin all the work of a healer faster than the client not getting enough sleep or not having a good quality of sleep. After all, your healing completely depends on the quality of your sleep. In order to heal, you must have at least 7 hrs of sleep depending on your age. Adults between 18 and 64 per night need 7 – 9 hrs of sleep. Adults over 65 need 7-8 hours. An average healthy sleep consists of about 2 hours of dreaming and REM sleep per night.

This series will cover what we know from the latest Western research sleep studies as well as Eastern methods to obtain deeper levels of sleep, relaxation and enhanced healing. 

We will be covering:

  • The stages of sleep and why each one is important
  • Preparation for a good night’s rest
  • Prescriptions for how to fall asleep quickly
  • How to stay asleep
  • QiGong for Sleeping
  • How to mimic sleep during the day through changing brain waves

 Do your body and mind a favor and learn how to sleep better!

Tuition: $40 for 4 session

Qi Gong Walking Drills

This QiGong series takes a in depth look at the many different medical walking styles of QiGong done in China’s Medical QiGong facilities over time. Walking has always been one of favorite healthy activities. I have used many Walking QiGong different ways and have invented some as well to accomplish bringing environmental energy into my body for health and healing  specifically building defensive Qi or Wei Qi.  This 4-week course will delve into the many options and possibilities to add variety to your current practice and to open the mind to new growth of working with energy medicine.

Some of the topics include circle walking with mudras, points to medicate on while walking in the woods, points to medicate on while walking by the ocean or streams, different breathing techniques when walking up hills for more endurance, as well as Tai Chi walking.

Tuition: $75 for 4 sessions

Qi Strong – – 4 week Commitment to Health

A 4-week immersion into how to prevent injuries and disease, regain your physical and mental strength back and reverse the clock on aging! Change your physique in 3 months!

Ancient wisdom meets modern sport medicine science in this lecture and participation in reclaiming your vitality and health. Research from around the globe in sports medicine meets 5,000 years of ancient Chinese  wisdom on becoming the immortal.

No package has ever offered this unique combination of using Qi and exercise science in one bone building, immune system enhancement and cancer prevention strategy. Dr Cibik has been training for 45 years, and applies his weightlifting knowledge and his expertise as years as a personal trainer, with the power of qi in your workout. This was offered as on onsite porgram in 2020, to individuals to come and train in the Inner Strength gym, one weekend a month, to build ultimate strength and power.

We will combine lecture, theory and then application in the gym allowing each person to find their own pace and level of conditioning.

We will cover the ultimate strength building exercises using free weights and Qi circulation for muscle building, strength enhancement and bone density building. Covered will be duration of workouts, intensity, sets and repetition schemes, rest / recuperation strategies, frequency for different goals taking into consideration different experience levels and proper breathing techniques for lifting.

Additionally, meridian sequencing for lifting heavier weights, how to stabilize the anterior and posterior chain simultaneously using breath, advanced breathing techniques for squats and deadlifts, as well as how to recuperate properly from demanding workouts.  Do not worry if this sounds technical, we will explain this all in easy to understand explanations.

$75 for all four classes. 

Spring Dragon Qigong

This next series of 1 hour classes will discuss the QiGong I teach this time of the year called Spring Dragon QiGong.

This system is perfect as a Spring Cleanse that also is used to clear and move the static Lymphatic system of Winter with its heavy foods and lack of movement.It is also extremely beneficial for the Cardiovascular system as well as the Liver itself.

Besides teaching you the 8 positions of the Dragon, there will be discussion on food and tonics made to cleanse the entire body and to elevate Qi flow and its density.

This program is a higher price than the others as this a a complete qigong practice. $75 for all four classes.  This was previously taught as a one day event for $100, this special video series give you the ability to watch over and over and get all the same techniques as the previous in person event!

Death, Dying & Grief

A very special healing Qigong and Taoist online class series to discuss the topics of dying, death and healing from grief.

This ending of physical life is something we all experience, yet no one like to talk about it. As a 2-time survivor of being pronounced dead, I bring some insight on what happens on the other side. As I work with patients who are grieving, this process has given me unique experiences using QiGong, Naturopathic methods and Chinese medicine.

All classes are recorded and available to watch later. You will be able to access these on the special webpage for this class in the far future. There is also a Facebook group for the class, in order to share thoughts, questions and healing.

$40 for all four classes.

Qigong Emergency Medicine

This is going to be a very different weekly QiGong series this month. I will be discussing a school of thought called WAI KE which is a specialty in Classical Chinese medicine for understanding Wei Qi or the host defense system of the human body. Originally taught for herbalists, it evolved into including so much more. Predominately used for emergency medicine on the battlefield, but it now includes sports medicine along with skeletal alignment techniques, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) and dermatology. All these things are related to the Lungs in Chinese medicine.

We will discuss points that are used to stop profuse bleeding for emergencies, points for toothaches, sore throats, sinus infections, how to make draws to extract splinters or other objects etc.

This is a unique class in that it has Naturopathic elements as well as Chinese Medicine elements – in a complete package.

I$40 for all four classes.

Four Powerful Acupoints for the Human Energy system

Acupuncture points have been shown to have amazing effects on physical, mental and spiritual development. They have been used successfully for over 5,000 years in treating a myriad of symptoms and keeping the body in health and balance.

From beginners to advanced practitioners, this course will examine some the most powerful points to stimulate on the human body.

A little known fact is that you can meditate on points and have a very stimulating effect much like acupuncture!  Everyone should know how to do this self care to keep their immune system healthy and vibrant – especially in these uncertain times. I will be teaching how to locate these points as well as how to properly stimulate them.

In this four-week course, I will be teaching how to meditate on the workhorses of acupuncture points. These specific points do so much and affect so many different bodily functions, that combined together can act as a total system reset for the body. Think of a computer, that when nothing else works to clear the stagnation, you turn off the main power source and turn it back on – is similar to how this works. Now obviously we are not turning the body off, but just resetting some of its main breakers is the point here.

$40 for all four classes.

Protect yourself from emotional carnage and drain

In these tumultuous times. It is more important than ever to take care of your health and immune system. Emotional drain with fear, angst, worry, anger and many other emotion states when perpetual – drain the immune system faster than any chemotherapy drug. It places you at real risk for physical illness and reduces your ability to recover.

The time between Christmas and the New Year can be very challenging even to healthy people. There is so much to do and the extra stress of getting it all done. Not to mention if your holidays are without those you love and it is not a nurturing time for you. It is no wonder that people become more frequently ill this time of year.

This next series of QiGong and Classical Chinese Medicine, I will be discussing / demonstrating how to protect your immune system beginning with how to protect yourself from emotional carnage and drain. These are new prescriptions that I use with my patients that I have not shared before.

$40 for these four classes

The Seven manifestations of the Po

The 7 manifestations of the Po. You can think of them as levels or states of becoming or  levels of enlightenment that one will go through when walking a spiritual path.

Immortal Mind, The Po and your Qigong Practice.

This installment  of our weekly qigong series will discuss  the 7 manifestations of the Po.

You can think of them as levels or states of becoming or  levels of enlightenment that one will go through when walking a spiritual path.


The Hun and the Po

The Hun and the Po were spiritual constructs designed to teach about the true essence of spiritual development. Using this Chinese model, we will delve into the spiritual practices of QiGong that apply to all forms of spiritual practice.

The foundations are so simply profound, that they may change your vision forever. Deeper study of being spiritual does take a lot of mental effort and focus, but with the proper focus and keeping things simple –  Yin and Yang  – they are attainable. We will build on these foundations in class.

Structural Integration

Structural integration address body tension, scar tissue and allows your Qi to flow more naturally with a focus on the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body. Fascia surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, organs, and nerves, binding some structures together while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other.

Brain Health Qigong

Brain Health QiGong. This series explains how to safeguard against Alzheimer’s, dementia while making sure that your brain serves you well into your Golden years. We will be teaching you acupoint combinations to insure that lymphatic drainage takes place in the brain to prevent the buildup of plaque, the leading cause of Alzheimer. Diet as well as acupuncture points will be discussed as well.

Qigong for Covid Recovery

$40 – This series covers unique breathing combined with sounds that have been used in China to battle COVID-19. Classes will cover the abdominal breathing that we learned in series one, plus expand on the understanding of what 6-directional breathing is internally and externally. The healing sounds will also be discussed as used in this research article.

Acupoint combinations for Enhanced Qigong Practice

$40 – This series focuses on point combinations for successful qigong practice.


This program is a must for any serious qigong practitioner.

Classical Chinese Medicine Concepts

$40 – Class will consist of Classical Chinese medicine concepts, understanding acupoints from acupuncture that have very specific meditations in Taoist culture, grounding and purging techniques to get rid of Qi that is stagnant and causing emotional and physical problems, as well as the discussion of emotions and their energetic implications in real life.

Boosting your Immune system with Qigong and Nutrition – COVID Specific

$40 –This series focuses on boosting immune system and specialty information on preparing for COVID-19.

The information in this series can also be applied to protect from any viruses,  through the immune system boosting practices discussed.