QiGong Weekly Class with Dr Ted Cibik

A Program for a deeper study of Qigong for Self Heath and Cultivation

This is your opportunity to study Qigong  with Dr Ted Cibik, a Doctor of Medical Qigong and one of the few in North America with a active qigong healing clinic for over 20 years. He brings his expertise in teaching qigong for self health, working with clients and patients with serious and chronic conditions and certifying new Qigong Doctors.

These online classes teach a blend of background information, meditations and qigong movements to allow you to active this healing potential from your own home. Live class students have the opportunity to ask questions and techniques are practiced during the class time. Live classes are held Wednesday Evenings from 7-8pm ET. Classes are held on a ZOOM platform. You can use your smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC to attend live. You can purchase anytime during a 4 week LIVE session, and have access to all classes.

You may also purchase a series that is already completed, and have those videos to watch over and over.

There is a Facebook private group that student join to connect with other students, and have access to all the class videos within the current session. Dr Cibik is active in that group to answer questions and support your learning.

Your instructor and personal coach is  Dr. Ted Cibik who began his career as a private personal trainer, and health coach. He went on to become a Naturopathic Doctor then a Doctor of Medical Qigong/Chinese Medicine. He has been teaching and running an active QiGong healing clinic since 1999, He is also the Professional Track trainer for the National QiGong Association(NQA), and chairman of the Certification Committee for the NQA. His passion is in healing people live their best quality life.

CURRENT LIVE PROGRAM :Series 11 Four Powerful Acupoints for the Human Energy system

Acupuncture points have been shown to have amazing effects on physical, mental and spiritual development. They have been used successfully for over 5,000 years in treating a myriad of symptoms and keeping the body in health and balance.

From beginners to advanced practitioners, this course will examine some the most powerful points to stimulate on the human body.

A little known fact is that you can meditate on points and have a very stimulating effect much like acupuncture!  Everyone should know how to do this self care to keep their immune system healthy and vibrant – especially in these uncertain times. I will be teaching how to locate these points as well as how to properly stimulate them.

In this four-week course, I will be teaching how to meditate on the workhorses of acupuncture points. These specific points do so much and affect so many different bodily functions, that combined together can act as a total system reset for the body. Think of a computer, that when nothing else works to clear the stagnation, you turn off the main power source and turn it back on – is similar to how this works. Now obviously we are not turning the body off, but just resetting some of its main breakers is the point here.

Come learn how to awaken your immune system and balance your mental and physical self in the New Year!

Live classes on January 6-27, 2021 – 7pm – 8pm ET

$40 for all four classes. Join anytime and get the previous sessions recordings.


Previous Recorded Series classes – 4 classes in each series

Series 10 Protect yourself from emotional carnage and drain

In these tumultuous times. It is more important than ever to take care of your health and immune system. Emotional drain with fear, angst, worry, anger and many other emotion states when perpetual – drain the immune system faster than any chemotherapy drug. It places you at real risk for physical illness and reduces your ability to recover.

The time between Christmas and the New Year can be very challenging even to healthy people. There is so much to do and the extra stress of getting it all done. Not to mention if your holidays are without those you love and it is not a nurturing time for you. It is no wonder that people become more frequently ill this time of year.

This next series of QiGong and Classical Chinese Medicine, I will be discussing / demonstrating how to protect your immune system beginning with how to protect yourself from emotional carnage and drain. These are new prescriptions that I use with my patients that I have not shared before.

$40 for these four classes

Series 9

The 7 manifestations of the Po. You can think of them as levels or states of becoming or  levels of enlightenment that one will go through when walking a spiritual path.

Immortal Mind and your Qigong Practice.

This installment  of our weekly qigong series will discuss  the 7 manifestations of the Po.

You can think of them as levels or states of becoming or  levels of enlightenment that one will go through when walking a spiritual path.


The Hun and the Po

The Hun and the Po were spiritual constructs designed to teach about the true essence of spiritual development. Using this Chinese model, we will delve into the spiritual practices of QiGong that apply to all forms of spiritual practice.

The foundations are so simply profound, that they may change your vision forever. Deeper study of being spiritual does take a lot of mental effort and focus, but with the proper focus and keeping things simple –  Yin and Yang  – they are attainable. We will build on these foundations in class.

Series 6 – Structural Integration

Structural integration address body tension, scar tissue and allows your Qi to flow more naturally with a focus on the connective tissue, or fascia, of the body. Fascia surrounds muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels, organs, and nerves, binding some structures together while permitting others to slide smoothly over each other.

Series 5  – The Brain

Brain Health QiGong. This series explains how to safeguard against Alzheimer’s, dementia while making sure that your brain serves you well into your Golden years. We will be teaching you acupoint combinations to insure that lymphatic drainage takes place in the brain to prevent the buildup of plaque, the leading cause of Alzheimer. Diet as well as acupuncture points will be discussed as well.


$40 for 4 classes

This series covers unique breathing combined with sounds that have been used in China to battle COVID-19. Classes will cover the abdominal breathing that we learned in series one, plus expand on the understanding of what 6-directional breathing is internally and externally. The healing sounds will also be discussed as used in this research article.


$40 for 4 classes

This series focuses on point combinations for successful qigong practice


$40 for 4 classes

Class will consist of Classical Chinese medicine concepts, understanding acupoints from acupuncture that have very specific meditations in Taoist culture, grounding and purging techniques to get rid of Qi that is stagnant and causing emotional and physical problems, as well as the discussion of emotions and their energetic implications in real life.


$40 for 4 classes

This series focuses on boosting immune system and specialty information on preparing for COVID-19