$1999 for 9 month program

Begins in March 2023

18 classes required for ordination/graduation

Students must also be a part of the Immortal Mind Study program in order to participate in this program. Two years of Immortal Mind program or the equivalent are required in order to join this program. All candidates are interviewed by Dr. Cibik for appropriateness for the program.

You can learn more about those options by talking to Dr. Cibik at 724-845-1041.

New Priest Class begins March 2023

For those serious beings looking to step into the sacred role of coaching, counseling, ceremony and the sacred. This course takes one on the path to becoming the priest to assist others with life’s challenges and offer spiritual coaching.

This is a 2-year study program. Graduation and ordination upon completion of all assignments and 18 priest program classes. Classes are held on Saturday  evenings from 7-9 pm ET, on the second weekend of the month. One must be enrolled in the Immortal Mind program to participate in this program.


  • Must have a Minimum of 2 yrs. of Immortal Mind Study prior to enrolling, or equivalent experience.
  • Candidates must apply and be accepted to enter into this program.

Class requirements:

  • Must be enrolled and active in the Immortal Mind Program and all class assignment and financial obligations met.
  • Ordination program class is Saturday evening, from 7-9 pm ET, second Saturday of the month.
  • There are 9 Ordination classes per year.
  • All 18 classes and their assignments /testing completed in order to be considered for ordination. 


Special Ordination Class Curriculum Focus:

  • 4 hr. lecture on the assignments specific to how to spiritually coach another being. 
  • Case Studies.
  • Assignments to development the creation of rituals and ceremonies for life passages.
  • Personal growth assignments for steps need to be prepared for the difficult life challenges a priest assists with.


Immortal Mind Priest tuition for 9 classes and special ordination class: $1999 ( 2 year total of $3998)

Tuition due on the first class meeting.

Immortal Mind® Programs

 With Dr. Ted Cibik       

“These programs are perfect for those who want to delve deeper into Asian philosophy, modern science of the mind and brain, pathways to enlightenment and staying clear and grounded in a very tumultuous world. As the counselor of many therapists, physiologists and psychiatrists for over 25 years, I can attest that this is not therapy per se, but a higher calling of mind and spirit.

Being pronounced dead in hospitals twice in my life, gives one a different perspective of life, what it means to be alive and spiritual connections that are not found in standard teachings of Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah or Native American. It is different, and has to be experienced as my students will attest.”