Testimonials from Patients

I had suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for over 3 – 4 years.  It was so bad that after finishing high school, I had to put college off for several years because I simply did not have the energy for it.  I went to numerous traditional western medicine doctors (some of whom did not even believe that I was ill), chiropractors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and hypnotherapists.  None of them were able to help me regain my energy.  Finally, I decided to try the Eastern approach to my illness, which is when I came to see Ted.  Following an evaluation, he began using medical qigong on me 1 – 2 times a week as well as giving me Chinese herbs and advice on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.  After the first several sessions, I could definitely feel the qigong working and I gradually began to regain the energy that I had not felt for years.  Ted has taught me a lot and I owe a lot to him for helping me to regain my health.  Thanks Ted!
Andre Dusette

VIdeo Game Designer

My name is Dirce Johnson. I have a condition called Celiac disease which is also called non-tropical sprue. I was a sickly child and told many times I would die….

Two years ago my body staged an all out rebellion. My system was no longer responding to my diet. I lost twenty percent of my body weight in three weeks and it kept dropping. My hair was falling out. My nails broke off. I had such terrible stomach pain. ….To make matters worse  we made a cross country move…I had a home I had always dreamed of with space for my pets and my garden and my horse and I was too sick and tired to do anything with it..

Fortunately, we located Ted Cibik, who is a doctor of Naturopathy. Ted is a wonderfully warm and gentle man who is very dedicated to his profession. It did not take long before I was comfortable asking for his help.

Our first priority was to boost my energy and repair my immune system. Ted put me on a combination of supplements, whish included his own immune boosting formula. he also gave me advice on diet changes. A few weeks after beginning this regime, both my sons and husband  came down with a nasty flu. I waited, with dread, for my bout of it. It never came. It had been previously unheard of for me to be the only person in the house who wasn’t sick! 

My weight stopped fluctuating and my energy came back. I found I could actually stay up past eight o’clock in the evening. I stated being able to keep up with my teenage sons. the stomach aches went away. After a few months, I was able to start jogging again. …

My husband and children are glad to have me back. I am such my health will continue to improve. It is nice to know that there is someone I can trust to help me if it does not.

Dirce Johnson

Homesteader and Author

I had a medical qigong treatment from Ted and it changed my life dramatically.

He fixed my prolapsed uterus, cooled decades of anger in my energy system, and reconnected me internally body-mind-spirit.


RN, Healing Touch

In April of 2003 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). As a Western scientist with a Ph.D. in biostatistics, my first action was to get every treatment-related Western scientific paper on MS I could find. After much review, it was crystal clear to me Western medicine hasn’t the first clue about the mechanisms, causes, or solutions, in dealing with this disease.

Having trained in the martial arts for over a decade, and having studied acupuncture theory for several years, the notion of the body as an energetic matrix in the traditional Chinese medicine paradigm was not new to me. I began looking into options Eastern medicine might offer. This led me to Dr. Ted Cibik and his staff at Inner Strength. Little did I know how fortunate I was to find my way to Leechburg, PA!

Over the past six months, I have seen Dr. Cibik for medical qigong treatments. I have attended his A-course, and am ready now to attend the B-course next month. The information shared in the introductory two day course had such depth and insight into human experience that I am still overwhelmed to this day by the knowledge shared that weekend. I walked away with a full curriculum of daily qigong practice that included an understanding of each movement and how it affects my internal organs and health state.

I have no symptoms of MS today. I feel incredibly healthy, and my daily qigong practices are progressing nicely. Friends and family have noticed a difference in my appearance and demeanor, stating I look healthier than I have in years. Ted has helped me make intelligent choices about my diet and vitamin intake. He has spent countless hours researching anything he can find on MS, presenting me with his findings and allowing me to decide on its value.

There are no secrets. Just those that know, and those that don’t. Ted removes the mystique from this old Eastern healing practice called medical qigong, and makes it both real and accessible. He has a knowledge base that supercedes any other qigong practitioner or acupuncturist I have ever met. He has trained with the best, and it shows. Ted is the real deal. See him for treatments! Attend his courses! If you haven’t, you’re missing out..


Ph.D. Biostatistician, Master Instructor in Karate