Distance Consultations and Distance Treatments

Getting world class Qigong and Classical Chinese Medicine Consultations and Distance Treatment & Coaching is possible with Dr. Cibik through the use of video technology.

Dr. Cibik has consulted with people with difficult conditions from all over the world – with technology it is much easier and convenient.


How does a Distance Consultation Work:

Distance consultation are very similar to consultations at the clinic. Our consultation take a whole body and lifestyle approach to what is happening for you. We discuss the body-mind-spirit connection, and acknowledge that it is all connected and that healing might need to occur on multiple levels. We understand that trauma in life has deep effects on the body. Various assessment techniques can be used with videoconferencing quite well. Complexion, eyes, tongue, Range Of Motion all can be done via the internet – even Wei Qi (energetic field) analysis.

Blood work, nutritional analysis or other lab tests can be scanned in and sent via private email to Dr. Cibik for his review with you. X-rays and other tests often times are provided to the client on DVD which can be uploaded or mailed. All this information is reviewed with you, so that you can understand what is going on, and how you can personally make changes and take action. Many times, the full implication of test results are not discussed with you by Allopathic physicians. We take that time to discuss the basic lifestyle changes that could create a positive effect on your health.

At this consultation, Dr. Cibik will determine how you can best personally take control of in your health and well being. Medical QiGong exercise / treatment can be taught as well as personalized exercise routines. He will review food, and how it can be used as a healing modality. This as well as supplement/drug interactions all will be discussed.  Using food as medicine, with thoughtful choices to assist your body to heal and relieve pain will  be outlined. Our programs are based on breathe, movement, water and food, not additional supplements you need to purchase. There are those occasions where a boost is needed and a Chinese herbal medicine my be recommended. Stress management techniques, ways to shift mindsets, ways to change breathing patterns to induces healing are aspects of this consultation. At the end of this session you will have a personal game plan for health.


After the initial evaluation, Dr. Cibik may recommend or you may choose to have a one or a series of Treatment/Coaching sessions. These are one hour in length to review your progress, and be taught how to do Dr. Cibik’s special ‘Sun Treatment’ method, using acupressure points and his special process and placements to do distance treatment for yourself without needles. He has phenomenal success with this modality in both his clinic and with distance clients. When this treatment session is scheduled and prepaid, you will be mailed a packet of treatment supplies.

As your healing progresses, your treatment recommendations, and points to stimulate may change as your body, mind and spirit re-balance.

Step One:

Call or email to set up your initial evaluation. This first session is 2 hours in length.

Step Two:

Appointment Pre-payment holds your time slot and our mutual commitment to the session. You can mail us a check or you can pay via credit card for the full $295. Pay here for your convenience using Paypal

Step Three:

Complete all the pre-appointment forms and return via email or paper mail to our office at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. If there are other test results or information needed for the session, please also email and snail mail these to us in plenty of time for the appointment.

Step Four:

We prefer to use ZOOM for your appointment. For your convenience, it works better for you to use your ZOOM account, where you can record and save this session on your computer for future reference. IF you have not used ZOOM, you will want to create and account and load the software onto your computer or tablet prior to the session. Please let us know your meeting ID code or if you wish to use another video conference software and connection information 24 hours prior to your appointment.

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