Master of Medical Clinical Qigong

Are you a clinician looking to deepen your practice of energy medicine?

The Master of Medical QiGong certification takes your knowledge of purgation, tonification, and regulation, as well as diagnostics to new heights while working in a clinical setting. Our program covers advanced topics such as energetic Taoist alchemy, anatomy, and physiology of the seven meridian systems, and also introduces energetic systems not covered in acupuncture schools.

You’ll gain the skills to treat spiritual disorders, psychological energetics, and even cancer with Clinical Qigong Therapy.

Graduates must complete the program requirements and pass the tests to receive their diploma. Join us and become a master of energy medicine.


In the second year of our program, we build upon the foundational knowledge from the first year and deepen our understanding of Classical Chinese Medicine. Specifically, we focus on the Luo channels, the 8 Extraordinary channels, and the Divergent channels, and explore how each of these meridian systems can be used alone for successful treatment of any known pathological factor, whether it is mental or physical.

Through our program, students develop a cleaner energetic matrix, which enables them to increase their energetic sensitivity and enhance their protection from pathological factors. With this newfound sensitivity, we progress into subtleties of energetic workings with herbs, plants, oils, and food, selecting them not just by their nutritive properties, but by their energetic properties.

We also incorporate psychology, faith, and belief using the mind and somatic movement to incorporate the energy body of all great healing traditions into one method. Rather than reinventing an already sound system of healing, we explain the terminology in cross-cultural terms so that clients can benefit from 5,000 years of empirical wisdom.

In this course, we assign case studies, utilizing the energetic matrix to assess and understand the root causes of pathology at the Qi level. Students will have plenty of clinic time to practice the essential skills necessary to run their own business.

Building upon the foundation of Classical Chinese Medicine, we delve deeper into the energetics of acupoints that are not typically taught in acupuncture schools. Internal pathways are taught to connect acupoints to the internal systemic flow of all meridian systems.

Food Energetics Certificate: We also explore the use of food energetics, herbs, and essential oils in patient care. Our course offers a well-rounded education so you can work with all aspects of external qi. Every class session includes clinic time, self-cultivation, and lecture with ongoing clinic work outside the classroom to enhance your ability. And you will learn the ways you can utilize Western Medicine blood work results to further understand what is going on with your patient energetically.

Energetic BloodWork Certificate: Gain a deeper understanding of the Energetics of Blood within this comprehensive course. Perfect for those interested in anti-aging, fitness and health, this program covers a range of important topics to help you optimize your health and well-being.

Learn which blood panels are essential for anti-aging and how to interpret them accurately. Discover the importance of digestive microbiome tests for proper assimilation of nutrients and mood balance, as well as male and female hormone panels for baseline and optimal health stabilization in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

In addition, we’ll delve into the significance of thyroid, liver, and kidney tests to optimize these crucial organs. And, we’ll cover disease markers that you can check for well before there are any symptoms.

You’ll gain the knowledge and tools to improve you and your clients strength, prevent muscle mass loss, and enhance overall function as one ages. Plus, we’ll explain the pre-form energetics of what these blood panels mean, giving you a deeper understanding of health and how to maintain it.

Class Size:

To ensure a high-quality learning experience and personal attention to each student, our classes have limited enrollment. Attendance is mandatory for all classes in this intensive program.

If a student misses any class days, they must schedule private training with Dr. Cibik within three months of the missed class at an additional cost not covered by tuition.

If a student misses more than one year of classes without making them up, they will be placed on probation and may face expulsion without a refund.


The  Certification  will be awarded after the completion of the of training, passing grades on written and oral practical exams, case studies submitted and all financial obligations met.

Exams are including the the last 1/2 day of the final course, but if the student wishes to study, return and take the final at a later date, there is a cost of $200 for testing.

Certifications included:

  • Master of Medical/Clinical Qigong
  • Certificate of Completion: Food Energetics
  • Certificate of Completion: Energetic Bloodwork
  • Certificate of Completion: Emergency Energetics

Tuition: $5300  (Note: the 2024 course will be $6300)

A deposit of $1000 is required upon program registration and the balance due at the start of the first class date. Inner Strength accept cash or check payment. Tuition is non-refundable once the course has begun. Payment plans are available only with Administrative approval, and require the $1000 deposit, and will have an 8% fee added. Payments must be made at each class session, and certification if not granted until tuition is paid in full.

Books suggested for the course will be listed during your first class session. Additionally, a college level course of Anatomy and Physiology may be required based on the students background. Classroom supplies and books are not included in the tuition.


2023 Master Medical Qigong Program:


Quarterly 5-day Program Dates

July 1-5, 2023

October 7-11, 2023

January 6-10, 2024

April 6-10, 2024 



Certifications included in this 2023 program:

  • Master of Medical/Clinical Qigong
  • Certificate of Completion: Food Energetics
  • Certificate of Completion: Energetic Bloodwork
  • Certificate of completion: Emergency emergetics

Next year, the program will go back to being a Master of Medical/Clinical Qigong only.

Students staying onsite at CHI house have the use of the 88 acres grounds before and after class times. Each student will have their own bedroom. Rooms are $80 a night, and have used of the shared bathrooms, full kitchen, living room, dining room and screened porch.

Students staying offsite have the use of the Inner Strength kitchenette facilities for lunch, and enjoyment of the grounds at lunchtime and breaks

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