Qigong Healing Life Coaching

Are you fulfilling your life’s destiny? The Qigong Healing Life Coaching, which is offered, is from the Taoist and Chinese Qigong view. In Taoism, we never tell or command anyone to do anything. These sessions allow you to learn how to find a balanced mind and heart in your life.

Physical health is a part of the triad of health, emotional and spiritual health are a key ingredient of overall well being. If you are unbalanced emotionally and feel spiritually berift your physical health will suffer.

In Taoism, we believe that all answers come from within on all three fields of existence: The physical (health), the emotional/mind and the spiritual divine being within. We then teach how to integrate these “fields of energy” into a daily practice – a form of preventative medicine if you will.

In these session, we gently ask and probe a person’s consciousness – asking the right questions at the right time – so that a person “discovers” their own answers, their own Inner Strength. We also stir that which is in the unconsciousness to become known. While you may not be able to control what happens in the world around you, you can learn to be master of the world within.

Inner Strength Qigong Healing Life Coaching Appointment sessions are completed by phone or in person – usually lasting 1 hour.

In the sessions, topics most often covered are: spiritual inventory and awareness, mentoring, lifestyle examination, Qi (energetic) deviations, and aligning the “fields of energy”.

“Homework” is assigned based on needs and completed before the next session.



When Qigong Life Coaching can help:

  • Do you feel centered and balanced in your day, your week etc.?  (It can be enormously busy…that is not what I am asking)
  • Do you feel in control… or is fate controlling you? Fate defined:  is the events unfolding beyond a person’s control, regarded and determined by a supernatural power
  • Do you truly understand yourself?

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