What is Classical Chinese Medicine?

Recognizing the value of Chinese Medicine as a form of treatment is becoming increasingly widespread. However, at Inner Strength, we go beyond Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and delve into the foundational principles of all Classical Chinese Medicine. We explore studies from the Nei Jing, Su Wen, Ling Shu, Nan Jing, and Sang Han Long traditions, referencing them with modern knowledge to offer a more comprehensive understanding of healing.
Classical Medical QiGong encompasses the oral traditions of Taoism and Buddhism, along with key healing texts. Our assessment and evaluation of energetic imbalances also follow classical methods. We use Chinese and Western herbals, along with nutritional prescriptions, to fully balance post-natal Qi regulation. This includes the combination of food, drink, herbs, supplements, QiGong, and breathing techniques.
At Inner Strength, we prioritize returning Energy medicine theory and practice to the roots of Classical Chinese Medicine, a system that has remained in place for 5,000 years. We believe this is the bedrock of true healing.

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