What is Classical Chinese Medicine?

Many people are recognizing the value of Chinese Medicine as a form of treatment. Much of what is available is called Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM.

Here at Inner Strength we go beyond TCM, and use the foundational principals of all Classical Chinese Medicine. It is the original system (pre-TCM) and  what healing truly is and the bedrock healing.

Classical Medical QiGong consists of the oral traditions of Taoism and Buddhism as well as the inclusion of several key texts of healing. The system of assessment and energetic evaluation of energetic imbalances is too, classical in nature. Inner Strength methods uses Chinese & western herbals and nutritional prescriptions to fully balance post-natal Qi regulation (Food/drink/herbs/supplements + QiGong = post natal Qi).

Most importantly, we are taking Energy medicine theory and practice and are returning it to the roots of Classical Chinese Medicine.