Clinical Medical Qigong Therapist: Certification Training 


Welcome to Inner Strength QiGong Courses – where we offer a unique and modern approach to energy medicine certification that sets us apart from the rest.

At Inner Strength, we understand that you want to be well-rounded and work with the latest technology and science. That’s why we combine our Energetic Blood Work course and Energetic Exercise Science course into the Medical QiGong Therapist certification training – to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of both Western medicine and energy medicine.

Our Medical / Clinical Qigong Therapist certification program is designed to empower you to make a difference in people’s lives. Whether you’re looking to open a clinic or offer holistic therapy sessions, our program has everything you need to succeed.

Led by Dr. Cibik, a Dr. of Chinese Medicine and Dr. of Medical QiGong, our program provides a unique blend of Eastern and Western medicine. Dr. Cibik is a Traditional Naturopath who uses nutrition, exercise, and meditation in actively treating patients. He has been known for healing even the most difficult of cases and is the go-to Dr. for anyone in the energetic field of medicine that gets ill themselves.

Our program is designed to provide you with an immersive experience that’s both engaging and modern. You will be taught how to blend Western medicine tests with energetic understanding to create a holistic treatment protocol. Emergency Energetic response will also be taught (acupoints) called Wei Kei in Chinese Medicine for when the health care system is not optimal or available.

At Inner Strength, we believe that everyone should take charge of their healthcare. That’s why our certification includes a minor in Energetic Exercise Science and a minor in Energetic Blood Analysis – to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of energy medicine.

Join us at Inner Strength QiGong Courses and become a certified Medical / Clinical QiGong Therapist – and make a positive impact on people’s lives using the latest in energy medicine!

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 2023-2024 Medical / Clinical

Qigong Therapist
Certification Program:


Quarterly 5-day Program Dates

November 4-8, 2023

February 3-7, 2024

May 4-8, 2024

August 3-7, 2024



Class check-in for the ability to ask questions, and learn the additional certificate of completion topics. This gives you an addition 4 days of programming, support and information without leaving your home.


Access to all the 2021- 2022- 2023 Weekly Qigong Recorded lectures from Dr Cibik.

Over 100 hours of rich content on specific Qigong and Taoist topics. 

Clinical Medical Qigong Therapist: Certification Training

Qigong Therapist Certifications and Additional Materials included:

  • Medical Clinical Qigong Therapist
  • Energetic Exercise Science Specialist
  • Energetic Blood Work Certificate of Completion
  • Emergency Energetic Response Certificate of Completion



Access to all the 2021- 2022- 2023 Weekly Qigong Recorded lectures from Dr Cibik.

Over 100 hours of rich content on specific Qigong and Taoist topics. 


Medical Qigong Therapist Curriculum:

The Medical QiGong Therapist certification provides the clinician with the ability to create a practice of energy medicine that allows them to recognize basic energy imbalance and provide  basic tonification qigong treatments to clients.

This course also provides safe practices for the clinician to build their own qi, for self protection, health and balance.

Qigong exercise for health practice will be taught so that the student can begin teaching their own Qigong exercise programs.

Tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnoses Wei Qi diagnoses are all part of the curriculum and will be used conjunctively with Classical Chinese Medicine (not necessarily 5-Element theory). The student will come up with treatment plans specific to correcting the underlying energetic pathologic imbalance leading to disease.

Clinic time using these processes is a huge part of the development of learning to run your own business and being able to operate independently.

Medical Qigong Training Certification Requirements:

Attend all class sessions, complete the at home self development practice and assignments and pass all testing for this certification. Payment of tuition in full is also required for certification.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However we highly recommend that the student have taken our Medical Qigong for Self Health course that introduces the student to qigong concepts and exercises that they can begin to strength and tonify their own qi.

Class Size:

Class size in limited in order for there to be quality dissemination of information and personal guidance to each student. All classes have mandatory attendance with this intensive program.

If a student misses class days, he/she must schedule private training with Dr. Cibik within three months of the missed class, at an additional cost not covered by tuition.

Any missed classes in one-year without makeup, the student is put on probation with the possibility of expulsion without refund.

Medical Qiqong Therapist Testing:

The Medical/Clinical Qigong Therapist Certification  will be awarded after the completion of the of training, passing grades on written and oral practical exams, case studies submitted and all financial obligations met.

Exams are including the the last 1/2 day of the final course, but if the student wishes to study, return and take the final at a later date, there is a cost of $200 for testing.

Tuition: $6300

A deposit of $1000 is required upon program registration and the balance due at the start of the first class date. Inner Strength accepts cash or check payment. Tuition is non-refundable once the course has begun.

Books suggested for the course will be listed during your first class session. Additionally, a college level course of Anatomy and Physiology may be required based on the students background. Classroom supplies and books are not included in the tuition.

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