Inner Strength Detox Method™

Sometimes in order to heal, we must clean house first. The human body has only so many resources to heal and maintain vibrant health. If those resources are being consumed to contain pathogens (diseases, improper balance of bacterium or over-accumulation of toxins) that do not belong in the body, less energy is available to heal from illness or to optimize your health.

Inner Strength Detox Method™ is a Proprietary Hierarchical Detox that is enormously useful for cancer patients going through (or anyone who has gone through chemotherapy, radiation, or after surgery. This is also perfect for any Autoimmune disease, chronic pain, of if you have been on pharmaceutical drugs and/or (OTC) for more than 6 months. This program is also useful as an anti-aging therapy, a weight loss program, and for athletes to get healthy for competition.

Unique to this program is that is uses a five-element approach to detox based in Classical Chinese Medicine to address the bodies need to be clean. Additionally, proprietary Clinical Medical QiGong exercises are taught specific to the needs of the patient.

We also use a proprietary method to flush the Lymph system using Clinical Medical QiGong exercises that are simple to perform but ultra effective.

Complementary and synergistic are the foods / herbs suggested based on your unique needs (not a cookie cutter dietary program) to assist in building a healthy immune system and body /mind.

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