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Dr. Cibik has created a number of books and videos to teach people how to create better health and lifestyle for themselves.

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 Armageddon of the Mind

“The one, who knows others is learned; The one, who knows himself is wise. The one, who conquers others has power of muscle; The one, who conquers himself is strong. “-Tao Te Ching 33

This book is for the seeker. The seeker is looking to discover something about themselves, that they never knew before. It is a synthesis of eastern mind science: (Taoism and Buddhism) conjoined with western science: psychology (Gestalt therapy and humanistic psychology) and anatomy and physiology with similar themes in Zoroastrianism and Catholicism. The journey begins on practical self-discovery by asking “Who am I” and “Where am I going in my life.”

Many people remember and learn by lists. For example: When you where in school, a list helped you to remember words to spell or the enormous amount of terms to remember in college biology. In popular reading: “The top ten ways to lose weight, The 5 most important methods for closing a business deal, The ten things you need to do achieve success” etc.

A Taoist approach for self-and spiritual development is different. A true Taoist probes a person to the point that they come to their own realization of what they need in their world and does not define it in lists, outlines or otherwise. Self-discovered truth always has much more powerful and longstanding impact than doctrine – but requires more work. I invite you therefore, to read this book not as a carved in stone gospel of sorts, but as an invitation to think and expand your own universe within your mind. This is a book of self-directed questions and reflection that will have different answers for everyone; therefore, I do not and cannot answer the questions for you.

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