Inner Strength, Inc is one on the longest running Medical/Clinical QiGong Certification programs in the USA.

Our lead instructor, Dr. Ted Cibik has been teaching and running an active QiGong healing clinic since 1999, He is also the Professional Track trainer for the National QiGong Association, and chairman of the Certification committee for the NQA. His passion is in creating the best Medical/Clinical QiGong Practitioners in the world.

Our Mission: To develop the conscientious and professional and proficient medical qigong healthcare practitioners.

Our Program: We teach the raw materials, the external qi and the spiritual needs essential to health.  This incorporates information about food, herbs, exercise, and Taoist Philosophy. This well rounded approach can allows the clinician to work with a larger base of clients, and produce more effective healing that using one modality alone. Our programs offer an in-depth foundation in Classical Chinese Medicine. And of course we teach our students Qigong, first so that they can develop and strengthen themselves, and then so that they can work with others. Our three year program required not only time onsite in class but for our students to be practicing on themselves and doing self work throughout the program.

Do you wish to be the Optimal Qigong Practitioner? 

We seek students who will  serve people through compassion and understanding, and develop intuition and skills needed to provide a mind, body and spirit approach to healthcare. Graduates from our program will meet the NQA’s stringent certification levels.

Read what one of our graduates wrote about why she chose our program, after taking other qigong certification programs

Inner Strength was founded by Dr. Ted J. Cibik, one of the first Doctors of Medical Qigong in North America. His Healing Clinic has been in operation since 1991. His students’ benefit from his years of working with patients, and his ongoing passion for the study of Chinese medicine and Taoist practices.


I have experienced profound changes in my life, opening my eyes about myself and my relationship to life!  I would recommend this course to all who would like a deep understanding of life forces.  Ted is an amazing and gifted teacher who allows each of us to develop at our own rate !!

Barbara Curtis



Begins November  2018




Begins May 2019




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About Our Certification Programs

Inner Strength’s Qigong certification program emphasizes both experiential aspects of the course with a solid theoretical foundation. Classes present students with opportunities for analytical / deductive and intuitive approaches as well as practicing Medical/ Clinical Qigong therapy for cultivation, regulation and clinical application.

We keep our class sizes small so that each student receives the attention needed to be the best medical/clinical qigong practitioner. Each class, there is time for self cultivation, clinic work and lecture. Each experience builds ones ability to sense, feel and work with Qi. Dr. Cibik’s decades of clinical work also gives the student opportunities to learn from real life cases, and how Clinical Qigong can be integrated in to a western health care delivery system.


Medical Qigong Therapist

The first year of Inner Strength Medical QiGong focuses on foundational skills needed to progress into the following years work of MMQ and DMQ work. Students are first taught Medical Qigong exercises to heal their bodies, calm and ground their minds, and reconnect with their spirit. Students then go on to learn the basic Medical Qigong treatment protocols for working with clients.  As the program progresses, students learn more advanced theories of energy purgation, tonification, regulation and cultivation, as well as advanced theories and modalities of internal organ treatment The diversity of this course allows the student to eventually work in many fields, not limited to healthcare of their fellow man but with animals as well.

The foundations of ancient Taoist thought (ZouYou specialty) processes are learned as meditative resources. Unique to this course, these thought process work in direct opposite to deductive thinking, and enhance the students ability to understand the workings of qi and the body. Graduates are tested and all conditions of program completed in order to receive their diploma. Read More


Master of Medical Qigong

The Master of Medical QiGong certification provides the clinician with the ability to create a practice of energy medicine at a deeper level. This program builds on the Medical Qigong Therapists knowledge of purgation, tonification and regulation, and diagnostics while working in a clinical setting. Students delve into more advanced topics on energetic Taoist alchemy, energetic anatomy and physiology of the 7 meridian systems. Additionally, energetic systems not covered in acupuncture schools are discussed in detail to have a well-rounded education of the energetic systems working synergistically.  We introduce the treatment of spiritual disorders, psychological energetics and the treatment of cancer with Clinical Qigong Therapy. The use of food energetics as medicine is explored in this program so that clinicians can work with all aspects of external qi with their patients.  Herbs and essential oils are also covered. Clinic time, self cultivation and lecture are the standard part of each class session with ongoing clinic work outside the classroom to enhance the students ability. Graduates are tested and all conditions of program completed in order to receive their diploma. Read more


Doctorate in Medical Qigong

The Doctorate in Medical Qigong is an accumulation of ancient shamanic and postmodern energetic practices utilized to improve health of body, mind and spirit. It includes the meditation and energy work of the human body sometimes called Study of Communicative Qi. This program continues to deeply explore the foundational principals of all Classical Chinese Medicine (pre-TCM), what healing truly is and the bedrock of how all communication occurs between the physical (Jing) and Spiritual (Shen) realms.

Students will develop an advanced understanding of the body’s energetic relationship to the physical structure, including mental and emotional disorders, as well as spiritual issues that can lead to disease formation. Students at this level will choose a specific disorder or condition for their doctoral thesis, as they continue to study deeply in Dao Yin qigong for oncology and inflammation. Graduates are tested and all conditions of the program completed in order to receive their diploma. Read more


Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals

Vince Lombardi


This course presents the roots of oriental medicine and how you may apply it to your own self health. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your body’s energetic flow and blockages. READ MORE


Dr. Ted Cibik is offering an exclusive weekend for Energy medicine practitioners. The needs of the athlete for healing and recovery is different than those suffering from chronic disease or illness.

This weekend intensive for energy workers  will explain energetic implications of gaining strength, aging, nutrition (and its timing) and weight gain or weight loss. Most programs explain strength from western perspectives, but never really address 8 extra, Luo and 12 primary in the sports medicine model. We will also explore how treating sports injuries is very different than treating disease. We will cover some very interesting principles of treating athletic injuries.

This approach will allow you to work with athletes and improve their performance and personal records. A valuable asset to your practice and for personal knowledge.

For the Advanced Medical Qigong Practitioner ( MMQ or above) or acupuncturists.  This weekend programs content will be announced soon.  2018 dates are June 30- July 1.


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