by Dr. Ted Cibik

With so much talk about dangerous flu’s, bad bacteria, compromised immune systems and the microbiome, I wanted to offer in this article that we can build our immune systems up to resist almost anything.

Our bodies are comprised of bacteria that balance each other nicely when we are healthy. This is a product of evolution that we are just starting to understand and hopefully after your done reading this will start to “coach” your team of bacteria in your gut and elsewhere into a formable force of nature to keep you vibrant and healthy.

Two basic foods have been around forever:   Bread and Honey.

First bread.

Bread used to be made without artificial yeast. Artificial yeast does not have all the microbes nor is it geographically fortified, although it is a faster way to raise bread. The starter for all bread spanning thousands of years has been the natural mother or starter built by bacteria. Basically all you have to do is mix equal parts flour (a future article will talk about types) and fresh water and place mixture in a mason jar. Place a cloth over the top and secure with a rubber band and lastly,  place it outside near vegetation. The natural bacteria outside will permeate and begin to make the starter bubble in a few days. This is your starter kit full of inoculations of your unique environment that help with allergies and other things that you will always be exposed to. Incidentally, many folks who are gluten intolerant, can eat this kind of bread. Most people do this in their kitchen, which is an artificial environment with perhaps cat dander, dog dander, chemicals and other unnatural man made influences.  By importing the natural outside bacterium, the fermentation process helps to communicate to your immune system preparing it for the season.

Honey. We all know that bees collect honey from local flora and fauna containing microbacteria. The spring honey will be lighter and the fall honey will be darker. In the spring use spring honey and in the fall use fall honey thru winter. This helps to balance your immune system according to the cycles of nature.

By combining fermented bread and honey together for breakfast around 8 or 9 in the morning, you are following the Chinese clock for digestion and the natural cycles of the seasons. This goes a long way in creating a healthy microbiome that will begin to re-balance your immune system in one year (4 seasons).