by Dr. Ted CIbik

Did you know that Chinese herbs and certain acupoints when stimulated can reduce a cold or flu symptoms from weeks down to just a few days of suffering?

Why not take advantage of 5,000 years of wisdom in treating colds n flu with a natural system of health care that bolsters your immune system and reduces the destruction of microflora in your gut. If you use antibiotics for a cold or flu, and it is not bacteria based, you are really doing nothing except destroying your gut (which is ironically the heart of your immune system). After all, the microflora in your gut ARE your immune system according to modern research. Why destroy that which is saving you?

No need to go out into the cold to seek help! Call the office at 724 845 1041 when you have your first symptom, and we can set up a teleconference, after which I can select and mail the proper combination of herbs and even show you what acupoints to stimulate for a speedy recovery. This session is only $50, 30 minutes of your time, and gives you the tools you need to get well soon!

Better  yet…..Plan to build your immune system prior to cold n flu season!

Schedule a time to chat with me about how to build your immune system before you get sick.