Inflammation, Blood and Disease

by Dr. Ted Cibik

Inflammation is linked to every known disease and disorder of the body, although we know very little about how the whole inflammation process starts, which  cells are involved, and what activates the inflammatory process and what keeps it in that state.

Theories of where does inflammation start have been postulated from dendritic cells, to Eosinophils, to B-Cell development to CD4 and CD8 Effector cells and then which systems mediate and keep the inflammation process going including immunoglobins,  prostaglandins, Chemokines ( Interleukin-1, or IL-2, or IL-12, or  Il-17, or IL-23 in Autoimmunity)….which just further points out to me that the medical/research community are really not sure of the process.

This article is not to give you a crash chemistry lesson, but to assure you that one of the most profound answers to 21rst century health care is much simpler than you think. Well, in that simplicity – it reveals ultra complexity!

In my research and in my own experience of surviving cancer, autoimmune disorders, arthritis, and multiple surgeries and infections from those surgeries, I am here to tell you that nothing ……Nothing ….will ever help you to heal and recuperate your health more than exercise!

In fact, I am going to make a bold statement….All the correct and perfect diet(s), supplements and the latest and greatest “berry” in the world will not work –without intense exercise!!!!! You will not heal from just diet alone….you may improve……but you will not heal!!!!!

We all need to move our blood, or exercise and the more you move it the healthier your cells are going to be.