If I had to choose one exercise due to time constraints or some other reason …I would choose deadlifts hands down !

Deadlifts are the king of all exercises and many experts proclaim that it is the ultimate test of true strength.

Stefi Cohen

Here are some reasons why you should deadlift:

  • Deadlifts strengthen everything from your calves to your head
  • They keep bone density up as you age
  • They improve speed, power and explosion
  • They strengthen the core like no other exercise
  • They work your posterior chain for healthier hips and back
  • It’s the perfect exercise to lose weight with, as it works so many large muscles at once
  • Deadlifting will improve balance, walking speed and help to improve posture
  • For men, it increases testosterone naturally


Some of my Deadlifts preferences:

I always deadlift in my socks and I like to use a stance for deadlift that is Heels to Hip. In other words, my heels, or stance is as wide as my hips are, pointing my feet out about 15 degrees.

I do sumo style in training as well just to hit the muscles fibers different ways. When I pull heavy though, I always use the Heels to Hip method as I think this translates over to actually how I would pick something heavy up on the farm.

I typically pull with a hook grip until things get heavy for me then I switch over to mixed grip.

I don’t use belts, wraps, or suits – as I rely on my core to sustain me and I want it to get stronger as I age.

I do not use chalk until my lifts go over 300 lbs., as I like to build callouses on my hands. I also think it helps to build my grip strength.


I do believe you can get stronger as you age up till a certain point.

I am not sure what that point is yet, because I am still building strength at 58…. I’ll let ya know as soon as I find out. If you have never lifted before, make sure you get someone to coach you that knows what they are doing. The good news for newbies to weight training is that they will make some awesome strength gains early on due to CNS recruitment.