by Dr. Ted CIbik

We have a very interesting way at looking at the things that hold you back in life from a Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) viewpoint. Actually, these are more along the lines of Taoist theories, to give credit where credit is due. We look for the root of what is holding you back in life. Sometimes it was an experience, an event or the culmination of your own repeated thoughts that hold people back from their true potential. We call this a Luo in CCM. (For reference, in the Ling Shu chapter 10 it talks about the Luo channels.)

The Luo are a type of meridian system that even most acupuncturists do not really use or address in their training. In acupuncture school, you are sometimes taught Luo’s and if so, are given the pathways in books that are the same for everyone. In CCM, we think of the meridian system changing or   how you move through life. In other words, meridians and points are alive and changing with you.  Luo’s are an energetic place that you hold onto things that you do not have the tools/skills (at the time) to process or understand. Most of us have these from childhood, or divorce, or a death, or an illness for example. Energetically, these events are held in place in the body and that takes energy (Qi).

In life, nothing is ever free.

This is where it starts to get interesting.

So let me ask you 2 questions:

  • How do you define Life?
  • How do you hang onto Life?

The answer to these two questions can be molded by perspectives of how do you judge yourself. Once you understand how you judge yourself, then through Clinical QiGong or certain meditative states you can truly begin to release a lot of the Luo contents – while staying grounded. Staying grounded is something else that I teach to my clients and students.

I love being able to help people release their over-consumption of life energy by holding onto their old patterns of being (Luo’s). It is a process that I enjoy walking people through, but it takes work on the part of the client to be successful. This also empowers the client, instead of giving the power of accomplishment over to me.

Come join me on discovering your true potential!