by Dr. Ted J. Cibik

What a dynamic and wonderful week it has been here at my clinic !

Two of my cancer patients received reports this week that all their tests can back unremarkable – physicians way of saying nothing is standing out on the tests to indicate anything is wrong.

The one oncologist stated, “Your blood work is better than mine !”

The first patient was on the liver transplant list where they suspected she had cancer, lesions, cirrhosis and other ailments going wrong in her liver. She has been working with me now for over 6 months. This week they took her off the liver transplant list and suggested to her that they will just “monitor her from now on”. She says she feels better than she has in years.

The second patient came to me over 8 months ago after he had a cancerous mole removed off his back. Additionally, he had stage three malignant melanoma, which they had suspected had spread to the lymph nodes on this right side. The oncologist recommended surgery for the removal of as many nodes that were suspicious and chemo. The patient decided that he did not want to go that route because as he stated, “The lymph nodes are just doing their job to protect me from this thing spreading. Why would I want to remove something that protects me?” Why indeed? I am very happy he sought me out for help.

Each person I work with has a different protocol for their pathology so it can’t be packaged or stated that this therapy works well with breast cancer or the like. It is about healing the person, not a one treatment fits all scenario. From a Classical Chinese Medicine perspective, I look at the weakest links in the bio-chain and build a program to strengthen what is weak, purge out any toxins I can within tolerance, and teach the clients tools to work with on their own. This includes customized diet, stress management tools such as Clinical QiGong and specialized breathing techniques.

I also use a therapy I invented called Sun Therapy after the great Chinese physician Sun Si Miao who was part of my linage of teachers. I teach people how to stimulate their own acupoints and meridian systems at home so they can help themselves heal and de-stress about the whole diagnosis. The best part about doing consultations this way is I can work remotely. So I see clients now from all over the world thanks to technology like Zoom.

Thanks for checking in….now back to work for me !