by Dr. Ted Cibik

The new buzz word in healthcare is integrative care – which one would assume means a complete package of information about the nature of the illness to execution of options and a best course of action that is outlined and planned for whatever ailment you have.

Unfortunately, that has not been the experiences of many of my clients as well as myself. Too often it is fraught with miscommunication, a lack of testing options or far too many tests without really diverse options offered other than a pipelined course that they were going to follow anyway.

I have been an advocate for hundreds of people over the years and have found that rarely, if ever, are all the options explained to folks when one includes complimentary practices. The reason they are not mentioned, is that very, very few Physicians understand the options and are hesitant to recommend them because of their lack of understanding.

So how is that integrative then?

Dr. Andrew Weil writes on his webpage:
“Integrative medicine is healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.
The principles of integrative medicine:
• A partnership between patient and practitioner in the healing process
• Appropriate use of conventional and alternative methods to facilitate the body’s innate healing response
• Consideration of all factors that influence health, wellness and disease, including mind, spirit and community as well as body
• A philosophy that neither rejects conventional medicine nor accepts alternative therapies uncritically
• Recognition that good medicine should be based in good science, be inquiry driven, and be open to new paradigms
• Use of natural, effective, less-invasive interventions whenever possible
• Use of the broader concepts of promotion of health and the prevention of illness as well as the treatment of disease
• Training of practitioners to be models of health and healing, committed to the process of self-exploration and self-development.”

There is nothing older in integrative medicine that Classical Chinese medicine. The ancient Chinese used everything at their disposal from the Earth and the Heavens. For example, they collected meteorites (the ore is highly magnetic) and used this therapy on acupoints as a polarity therapy almost 5 thousand years ago.

If you combine the blistering advances of Allopathic medicine over the last 200 hundred years with this ancient practice, you have a system of Integrative healthcare that is unbeatable.

Come let us explore your healthcare options, no matter what your diagnosis. Contact us for an appointment no matter where you are in the world as we can connect via technology. Let my 30 years of Integrative experience work for you.