by Dr. Ted Cibik

One of the many ways I train my mind to be stronger and more disciplined is through the use of gratefulness. After every workout, I say out loud, “Thank you Gym !”  I then give myself full credit for making the choice of coming to workout. I give myself credit for putting in the effort, the time and the energy. I did not have to do those things, but I did!
You see, it is easy for the mind to tear you down. We all do this. In some small way or big way – many folks undermine their progress of how they should feel, look or be based on their comparisons of themselves with another individual.  Often, they may have not even personally met the very person that they compare themselves to and only see one side of that person. This is so easy to do on the internet, phones and TV.
Our self-talk is vital to success in any endeavor. It takes a consistent approach to train the mind or program the mind for success. Empower your mind with positive enforcement. The big difference here from reading a positive affirmation on the fridge, is that you actually DID something. You busted your butt in the gym and put in the time….that is precisely when you do the positive reinforcement.   Because you know you are not lying to yourself.
The Mind knows truth and just reading something positive that someone else said and you are repeating does not speak truth to the mind….It knows the difference.
So do the work and train your mind!
Try this for a month and tell me what happens!