by Dr. Ted Cibik

Happy Autumn season!

It’s the season of honoring your achievements and also reviewing what needs to be released as you prepare for a new cycle in life.

It is very easy for us to repeat patterns that diminish us. Often times we don’t have the tools or the timing was not right and we establish patterns that are self-diminishing or destructive.  Self-discovery is what often times holds us back from succeeding in having the life we imagined or wished for. I honestly believe that there is no limit to happiness – why should there be?  

As you may know, we have a program of developing the Mind to be stronger, happier, more present and more creative as we age. It is called the Immortal Mind program and it is very unique. Training to be happier and more alive is the goal in this program – to facilitate a change deep within that permeates into everything you do.  Learning to look at the world in a completely different, grateful way takes mindful training.

The Mind knows truth and just reading something positive that someone else said and you are repeating does not speak truth to the mind….It knows the difference! Through specialized exercises, drills, contemplations and energy medicine principals and concepts, we give The Mind a direct experience, which it then knows to be true. This is something that can be used as a stepping stone to further creativity and healthy relationships within yourself and others.

Please join me and the other wonderful souls starting this November for a Spiritual journey that will take you to new places of mindful bliss. We meet every second complete weekend of the month for an entire year, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Limited space is still available at Chi House.

Starting this year, we are also offering the classes in real time (not recorded) on Zoom platform, for those who find travel to the campus every month more difficult. We would like to ask you to come in and bask in the campus of Inner Strength at least 4x in the yearly program.

Also, when people complete 2 years of the program and assignments, can achieve their Spiritual Coaching certification through Formless Taoism. 

The cost of the one program is $5,000. We would love to have you. Checks for registration should be made out to The Formless Taoist Foundation. If you have questions of concerns, please call me or email me directl