by Dr. Ted CIbik

With so much information out here currently about the Corona virus and many different viewpoints on how to protect oneself – some of them accurate, many of them not, I thought I would throw my two cents into the mix.

First the whole idea of a pandemic is not to make people panic – as they currently are doing with hand sanitizer and toilet paper, but to PREPARE!

Preparation and having a plan are always your best defenses when dealing with an unseen enemy. If this was a person, how would you prepare for the attack? You would plan and train for it. Then when and if it does attack, you know you have skills and tool available to you to thwart the threat. This is no different. Sun Tzu’s  Art of War applied to viruses.


Get Sleep and plenty of it. Do  not allow yourself to become sleep deprived and weaken you immune defense. This can happen in as little as 72 hrs.

Drink plenty of water.  Not tea or coffee or juice    water – up to a gallon a day.

Eat every 4 hrs.  Stabilize blood sugar by smaller meals that is easier on your digestive process and less stressful on your system.

Move and Sweat.  Movement (exercise) helps with peristalsis and allow the body to excrete and purge by assisting the lymphatic system, warm the core temperature and helps the body eliminate pathogens. Especially doing various type of seated and standing rotational exercises.

Make sure your diet includes clean proteins.  Protein is what rebuilds cells…especially the white blood cells of your immune system that are hard at work eliminating the bad guys.

Use essential oils to kill off the viruses around your home and car. Essential oils can neutralize viruses (antiviral) by mixing them with water in a plant mist type spray bottle.  Some good ones are:  melissa, lemongrass, lemon, mandarin, lemon-scented eucalyptus, and citronella. More common are:  lavender and myrrh, oregano and clove.

Moxa:   Zusanli (ST36 ) on both sides for 15minutes.  Moxa  Qihai  (CV6)  or  Zhongwan (CV 12) for 10 minutes. (alternating from treatment to treatment). This enhances Wei Qi and builds the immune system for prevention of viral attack. If you cannot do this yourself, please contact one of my students or myself to do this for you. The protocol is 3 days in a row on and then take several days off.

There are many Chinese herbs that are excellent for building the immune system. The best thing about herbs is that the viruses have a harder time adapting to herbs as they usually are a combination of many ingredients that vary in strength, unlike vaccines which just have one chemical signature which viruses more easily adapt to.

Watch for my next video on how to do a very specific Wei Qi building QiGong that will help bolster you immune system immediately.

Our office remains open throughout this pandemic. If you need us, we will be here!